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Spread the love482SharesThat’s right ladies and gents, summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to turn our hands into presentable cocktail-holding talons and make our toes sandal-worthy. To get ready, we need to know the most popular and gorgeous nail colors for summer 2020. From a modern twist on whites to wear with your go-to sneakers to a dusty blue that will compliment your beach tote. To help you achieve summer nails that are bang on trend, we’ve rounded up all the chic shades that will rule this season. These 10 summer nail colors will be a welcome addition to your cute warm weather outfits. Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal “I love using this shade for floral manicures to add the perfect romantic touch” . So whether you’re doing a little DYI nail art or just looking for a coral shade that will look perfect after sunbathing in your favorite swimsuit, this OPI shade belongs in your collection.   Baby Blue Take the clear blue skies of summer and stick it on the end of your fingers for a super cool look. Pastels aren’t going anywhere this season so a baby blue manicure will definitely be a winner.   Grabs The Unicorn By The Horn Dusty blues are going to be everywhere this season and this shade delivers the perfect nail salon-level coverage in just two coats. “It has a bit of a jelly consistency, so it feels more dimensional than a creme polish.”   Light Lilac Lilac is the pastel shade that makes transitioning from spring to summer all the easier. If you don’t want to jump head first into the bright colours then give this pretty purple a go.   My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore Looking forward to another hot girl summer? “This red-leaning orange is bright enough to get you into vacation mode without being neon,” Wear it on a fun girls trip, a romantic summer date night, or while hitting the beach.   Off-White White is our all time favourite for summer. Crisp, clean and matching with every outfit, it’s the cheapest accessory you’ll find. While the colour is here to stay this season, it boasts a little off-white tinge for a more neutral vibe.   Hue is the Artist? Are you a white nails in the summer kind of gal? Give this new colorway from OPI a try. “This is the palest lavender shade I’ve seen recently,” says nail artist Nina Park, “and it’s definitely a new twist on the classic white summer polish.”   Citrus Yellow Known as the colour of sunshine and happiness, yellow couldn’t be any more summer-worthy if it tried. Kick-start your wave of seasonal manicures with citrus and lemon hues (which pair perfectly with a tan, by the way).   Neon Green Remember back in the day when you’d colour in your nails with the highlighter pens at school? Well, we’re bringing it back but with actual nail polish this time.It’s safe to say that neon is poppin’ off at the moment. If you don’t fancy being luminous from head to toe then a neon manicure is the perfect way to get involved.   Cool Coral Coral is the colour set to storm summer beauty looks and we’re obsessed. The cross between peach and pink creates a gorgeous low-key orange hue that compliments any skin tone.